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A new way to enjoy your favorite supplements.

We know more than anyone the headache of having to choose between which supplements you’ll try this month. It’s a headache, right?

Enter the Boro Box.

The Boro Box allows you to enjoy a monthly subscription of top brand products meaning you can try supplements before you buy them. Each box is always worth a minimum of $100, whilst you only pay $65 per box!

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We are Boro Built. Helping you become the best version of yourself is our passion. We are your one stop shop for anything to do with health, wellness and fitness. We provide the knowledge, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and live your best life. Welcome to Boro Built, where you are not just a customer, you are FAMILY!


What is the Boro Box?

The Boro Box is a supplement subscription service that delivers curated supplements to your doorstep every month!

How much does a Boro Box cost?

Monthly Subscription of top products for you to try, each box will always be worth a minimum of $100 and you get it for $65 a month!

What comes in a Boro Box?

The Boro Box Includes the following:

  • 1 Pre-Workout
  • 1 Protein Powder
  • 1 Energy Drink
  • 1 Protein Snack
  • Samples of different brands & products

(The pre-workout & protein powder are both a full months serving)

Does The Boro Box cater to certain needs? (Allergens, Diets, Goals, Plant-Based, Keto, etc.)

Yes, we cater to various dietary preferences and goals. Being a supplement retailer, we have a wide range of products to fit everyone's needs!

Can I customize my Boro Box?

In a way, yes!

We have a personalized survey that you can fill out before you purchase.Based on your inputs, we curate the supplements we believe you'll enjoy the most!

What Are the Shipping Costs and Delivery Timeframes?

Shipping is flat rate of $6.99 in the U.S. International depends on the destination country.

Normally, all orders are shipped within 1 business day and take 2-5 business days to arrive!

Can I Pause, Modify, or Cancel My Subscription?

Yes! As soon as you sign up for your Boro Box, you will receive access to your personal subscription portal where you will be able to do all of the following. ⬇️

  • Pause your subscription (And renew whenever you’re ready)
  • Skip a month
  • Change your monthly renewal date
  • Update your address & billing info
  • Change your supplement preferences
  • Cancel your Boro Box subscription

This is hassle free and we will be by your side at all times if you have any questions!

Can I Change My Supplement Preferences After Subscribing?

Yes, you can easily update your supplement preferences after subscribing through your account or fill out a new survey on the Boro Box page!

Link for Boro Box page: The Boro Box - update your survey preferences!

Do you provide educational resources about the supplements you offer?

Yes, we offer informative content on our social media, product pages, and provide personalized support through email and 24/7 chat on our website. Stay informed and empowered with The Boro Box!

Social Media Name: @BoroBuilt

Can I gift a Boro Box to someone else?

Yes! Reach out to our customer support team and we will make sure you are taken care of and the person receiving the gift is 100% happy! (and surprised)