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AP L-Carnitine (Liquid Fat Burner)

AP L-Carnitine (Liquid Fat Burner)

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Everything you need to know:


L-Carnitine 3000 is a liquid supplement containing L-carnitine and pantothenic acid. It’s formulated to support the transfer of fatty acids to cellular energy, increasing energy production, exercise performance, and recovery.

L-Carnitine 3000 contains no sugar, calories, or stimulants. You can also choose from four great flavors. Available options include berry gusher, juicy bubblegum, forbidden fruit gum, and rainbow candy.

Product Highlights

  • Formulated without stimulants
  • Contains no sugar or calories
  • Is available in four tasty flavors
  • Promotes natural energy production
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Boosts your endurance


L-Carnitine (3000mg)

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid made in the liver, kidneys, and brain. It plays a role in converting body fat into energy. It is also an essential chemical for supporting heart and brain function and other body processes. Individuals who suffer from an L-Carnitine deficiency especially benefit from this supplement.

A lack of L-Carnitine may increase the risk of poor heart health, high cholesterol, and kidney issues.

This vital amino acid also offers a wide range of benefits for your workouts. L-Carnitine supports a healthy metabolism, improves mental clarity, and improves your endurance levels. You gain more energy and use it more efficiently, which allows you to work out longer. Supplying your body with L-Carnitine may also limit the buildup of lactic acid, leading to decreased exercise fatigue and shortening your recovery time.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphorus acid is a colorless liquid that gives sports drinks a tangy flavor. It also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, which can easily multiply in a sugary beverage. It is produced from phosphorus, which is a natural mineral found in the body.

Including phosphorus acid increases the shelf life of the product and complements the benefits of L-carnitine. It naturally boosts muscle recovery after a hard workout and improves the way your body uses and stores energy.

Malic Acid

Malic acid is another ingredient commonly found in sports drinks and supplements. It is found naturally in pears and apples and produced by your body when carbs are converted into energy. Increasing your intake of malic acid may improve your body’s ability to absorb creatine. The inclusion of this ingredient may improve endurance and energy levels while fighting muscle fatigue.


For best results, take L-Carnitine in the morning and before your workout. Before long, the amino acids and other ingredients should start aiding energy production, helping you get more out of each workout and recover more quickly.

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