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PEscience Prolific - Pre Workout

PEscience Prolific - Pre Workout

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If you are looking for a great pre-workout that is not overwhelming and doesn't give you that tingly itchy feeling.... Then Prolific is for you!
  • INCREDIBLE VALUE - Each container of Prolific contains 40 scoops, providing 20 to 40 workouts, which is nearly twice the industry standard in serving size.
  • ENERGY - Featuring 2 forms of caffeine and multiple energy optimizers for smooth, jitter free zero crash, Prolific will guide you through even the most intense workouts.
  • FOCUS - With cognitive boosting or "nootropic" ingredients like citicoline, Prolific unleashes the ultimate mind muscle connection that you need to dial things up to max.
  • PUMP - NITRIC OXIDE - Prolific contains 6000mg of PURE L-Citrulline (NOT MALATE!) in every two scoop dose. L-Citrulline is renowned for its ability to increase nitric oxide, and has been shown in clinical studies to incease endurance, lean body mass, and strength training.
  • AMAZING TASTE | MIXABILITY | Available in several incredible flavors.

How do you take this?

Mix 1-2 scoops in 8-12oz of water and consume 15-25 minutes before exercise

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