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Redcon1 War Games (RGB Fuel)

Redcon1 War Games (RGB Fuel)

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The best energy, focus, and reactions to gaming!

- Redcon1 War Games 30 Servings The long awaited Redcon1 War Games has quickly become the Best Gaming Supplement of 2021. Supplements have long been used by athletes to take their sports performance to the next level, it's about time something was rolled out for the E-Sports Competitors and Gamers out there. Redcon1 War Games is a Nootropic Energy Formula which aims to keep you feeling alert and awake during long gaming sessions. This gaming formula helps fight fatigue, supports eye health, and keeps your reflexes working at peak levels even hours into a long session of playing video games. Throw out those energy drinks that are just filled with caffeine but which don't do much to actually enhance your performance and grab yourself a tub of Redcon1 War Games! Redcon1 War Games Gaming Supplement Product Highlights Nootropic Energy Formula for Gamers Keeps You Feeling Alert & Awake Helps Fight Fatigue During Long Gaming Sessions Supports Eye Health Be Primed & Alert for Your Best Gaming Experience Boost Brain Power & Cognitive Function The Best Gaming Supplement of 2021 Redcon1 War Games Product Review My typical energy product for gaming is either a Bang Energy Drink or on occasion a tub of G Fuel. I'm also a weight lifter and have used Redcon products in the past so when I saw them roll out a gaming supplement I figured I'd give it a try. I was actually very impressed, I was more aware and alert, vision got slightly but noticeably better and my brain just feels staticky or turned on. I'm really enjoying War Games. Well my first time taking War Games I didn't actually do any gaming but I did clean my house and did some homework I'd been putting off all weekend. I'm somewhat caffeine sensitive so I'll typically sip on a shaker of War Games until I feel it kicking in, I normally drink about 3/4 of it. I really like War Games. I will say it doesn't taste as good as energy drinks, it's slightly bitter and sometimes a little gritty, however it actually has real ingredients and nootropics in here so I don't fault it for not being quite as tasty as an energy drink. Redcon1 War Games Flavors Peach Power Up RGB Fuel PVPunch Directions Mix 1 scoop with 8-12 ounces of water and take 30 minutes prior to gaming.


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